Storage Units vs. Storage Lockers

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If you are on the hunt for the perfect storage solution, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of options available. You’re likely familiar with traditional storage units but you may also encounter offerings that include storage lockers. So, what’s the difference? Freedom Storage Management explains what a locker for storage means, the difference between storage units and a small locker cabinet, and the benefits of both so that you can better understand what will fit your needs.

What Is A Storage Locker?

A locker storage unit is essentially a smaller version of the typical storage units we think of. The lockers storage is still secure and easily accessible for the renter, just not suited for large amounts of storage. A locker for storage may not be the first thing you come across when looking into storage, but they are a good option for some.

Storage Unit and Storage Locker Sizes

The biggest factor that differentiates a storage unit from a storage locker is the size. Storage units, no matter how small, are usually able to be entered into, however a storage locker may be above or below a locker rented by somebody else, think of it as a type of secure cabinet for your belongings.

Benefits of Storage Units

There are many reasons why people need storage units throughout their life. Whether it be residential, commercial, student, or military storage there are varied things people just need out of their way from their daily lives. Storage units come in all varied sizes so that you only rent the space that you actually need. Also, the perk to some storage units is that they can be offered with climate control to keep your valuables safe.

Benefits of Storage Lockers and Cabinets

Similar to storage units, the benefit of locker storage is that you are paying for exactly what you need. If you know that you need storage for some extra décor or office supplies but don’t have enough to fill even the smallest sized storage unit, a locker might be perfect for you. 

Storage with Freedom Storage Management

Now that you know more about storage units vs. storage lockers, hopefully you have a better idea of what you need based on what you are trying to store. If you need a space to store furniture, appliances, or business inventory, a storage unit is your best bet. However, if you’re just looking to store documents or a couple boxes, you’ll likely find what you need in a storage locker. 

Find the storage you need with Freedom Storage Management. All of our locations offer a wide range of storage unit sizes, and we even have a storage calculator to help you find the perfect fit. If you are interested in a locker for storage, check out what our locations have to offer and contact us today.

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