Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your Garage

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Warmer weather and longer days are here, making spring the perfect time to finally tackle your list of spring cleaning duties. One area of your home that may seem overwhelming to clean is your garage. Filled with tools, equipment, decorations, and other stored items, garages can be daunting when it comes time to clean. No need to worry, though: Freedom Storage Management has spring cleaning tips  to clean out your garage with organization ideas to declutter your space. Follow our tips below this spring for a clean garage that will feel brand new.

How To Clean Your Garage

The first step in making your garage feel accessible and tidy is to deep clean the space. To do this, you will need to completely clean out your garage of everything to make sure that you can get to all spots of your garage. Just as you would clean the inside of your home, you will use the same techniques in the garage.

Dust and wipe down any shelving and higher areas to reach that probably haven’t gotten much attention in some time. A mixture of warm water and soap will do the trick to wipe the walls and any cabinets you have. Lastly, you will want to give the floor of your garage a nice clean.

How To Clean Concrete Garage Floors

Your garage floor may have a build up of dust, dirt, and even some stains. Before mopping the area, sweep or vacuum the floor to get the processes started. Using a cleaning solution or mixture of warm water and soap, mop the entire floor, and for a deeper clean you may opt to use a power washer. Also, be sure to allow time for the floor to dry before putting your belongings back.

Best Ways to Declutter Your Garage

Now that you have a clean garage to work with, it is time to find an organizational style that works best for you. Before placing anything back into the garage, take advantage of the spring weather and divide up your belongings outside. A simple way to organize is by putting your items in piles, such as piles for what you need to keep, what you can donate, what you can sell, or even what needs to be tossed out. After doing this you will have a clear idea of what needs to go where.

As you begin placing your keep items back in the garage, think of ways to keep it all organized. Make sure you place items that are used the most regularly in spots that are easily accessible. On the other hand, if you have any seasonal items that you won’t need until winter, place those items higher or in cabinets. Use clear buckets for your belongings so that you can easily see what you have, and be sure to use a lid to avoid any pests and dust. Additionally, it never hurts to hang some more shelving and hooks to keep things up off the floor.

Self Storage as a Solution

If you end up needing to keep more items than you can store in your garage in an organized way, a self storage unit may be just what you need. Any seasonal decorations, snow gear, or other items you won’t need for a few months can all be put into a storage unit. The benefit of self storage is that you can rent climate controlled units that will protect temperature sensitive items that may need to be in a regulated temperature as it gets hotter outside.

How Can Freedom Storage Management Help?

Start your spring season with a clean garage that is organized in a way that works for you and your family. Freedom Storage Management is here to help you store any items that you don’t have room for or want this spring. Use our size guide to find the perfect fit for you, and check out our locations to find a facility near you today. 

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