Protect Your Business Inventory from Winter Weather in Self Storage

Icicles hang on a tree branch as the cold winter weather comes

Winter weather can be harsh and unforgiving, posing numerous challenges to business owners who need to store their inventory. Fortunately, with the right precautions and a reliable self-storage unit from Freedom Storage, you can ensure the safety and integrity of your goods. 

Explore our top winter self storage tips for businesses to help you safeguard your inventory during the cold months, and take the steps to prevent theft, mold, and pests as your equipment and supplies wait in storage for the spring. 

Choose the Right Self-Storage Unit

Before you start packing your inventory, assess all of your storage needs to choose the right self-storage unit. Freedom Storage offers a range of unit sizes, including climate-controlled options to help keep out the harsh winter weather. 

Consider the size of your inventory, the need for temperature stability, and the accessibility of the unit. If you need frequent and easy access to your unit, then opt for drive-up access. There are many factors to keep in mind, so we encourage you to learn more about our commercial storage options and use our unit size guide to help you choose the right self storage unit for your business inventory.

Climate-Controlled Self Storage for Businesses

To combat the freezing temperatures of winter, opt for climate-controlled self-storage units. These units maintain a consistent temperature level year-round, ensuring that your inventory remains in optimal condition. They are particularly beneficial for items like electronics, delicate fabrics, or perishable goods that can deteriorate quickly in unstable environments. But regardless of what you store, a climate-controlled storage unit is always the best way to give your items the ideal storage conditions they need this winter.

How to Pack Your Business Inventory

When storing inventory during winter, packing properly is essential. Use sturdy boxes and containers that can withstand cold and moisture. Seal your packages with high-quality tape to prevent drafts and moisture from seeping in. Label each box clearly, making it easier to locate items when needed. 

Once you’ve packed your unit, use a sturdy disc lock with a hardened bolt to help prevent theft of your business inventory in self storage this winter. Ask your local storage facility about our selection of locks, moving boxes, and packing supplies available for purchase. 

Prevent Mold and Mildew Damage to Your Business Inventory 

Moisture and cold weather can create ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth. To prevent this, make sure you:

  • Invest in moisture-proof containers and silica gel packs to absorb excess moisture.
  • Keep items off the floor by using pallets or shelves to allow for air circulation.
  • Visit your storage unit periodically to check for signs of moisture or mold growth.

Winter Storage Pest Control

While we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and cleanliness, pests will always try to get inside. The winter can drive rodents and insects indoors, posing a potential risk to your stored items. The most effective way to prevent any pest infestation is to deprive any would-be visitors of the food, water, and shelter they are looking for. To do this,

  1. Dry any puddles or moist spots in your unit. 
  2. Store food items in airtight containers or avoid storing them altogether.
  3. Consider using pest traps or repellents as a preventive measure.

Keep Your Inventory Secured all Winter Long

Safeguarding your inventory from winter weather in a self-storage unit involves careful planning and execution. Take the necessary precautions to maintain the quality and integrity of your goods, and consider the specific needs of your business when choosing a storage unit. With the right approach and the support of Freedom Storage, your inventory will remain safe and secure throughout the cold season.

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