Prepare Your RV for Winter

Overnight stay in the motor home with a beautiful winter landscape.

As fall gently ushers in winter’s chill, it’s time for RV owners to shift gears and ensure their mobile homes are snugly tucked away from the cold. Freedom Storage is here to simplify the process with a straightforward guide, helping you navigate the essentials of RV winterization. Whether you’re prepping for storage or contemplating winter camping adventures, our RV tips are designed to help keep your vehicle in top shape.

RV Winterization: More Than Just Parking

Beyond finding a parking spot, winterizing your RV is about protecting your investment. Let’s breakdown the must-do steps to preserve your plumbing, electrical system, interior, and exterior, ensuring your RV is ready for action when warmer days return.

1. RV Maintenance for Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Start by giving your RV’s plumbing and electrical systems some love. Drain those water lines to prevent freezing, and don’t forget the RV-friendly antifreeze to ward off potential damage. Disconnect the battery and store it separately to keep it juiced up. These small tasks add up, ensuring your RV is ready for the road when winter is over.

2. Interior and Exterior Care

Imagine giving your RV a warm winter jacket. That’s what sealing potential entry points for critters and investing in a quality RV cover does. It’s not just about appearances. It’s about preserving your RV’s structural integrity. You can use weather stripping on the interior of your windows to make sure no cold air can get inside, and if you plan to use your RV this winter, consider laying blankets or covers on the floor and furniture for an added layer of warmth and protection.

Finally, ensure proper ventilation while sealing entry points. Condensation can build up inside your RV during the winter, leading to potential mold issues, so use vent covers to promote airflow while keeping out the elements.

3. Easy Access: Freedom Storage Convenience

Choosing an RV storage solution is a breeze with Freedom Storage. Our easily accessible locations mean you can pick up or drop off your RV on your schedule. 

When you rent vehicle storage space with us at a storage facility near you, you give yourself the convenience of a secure facility with nearby gas stations and easy access to major roadways for a quick refuel before your next adventure. Our storage facilities are designed for accessibility, keeping your RV within arm’s reach.

4. All-in-One Storage for Your Gear

We can help you find space for far more than just your RV. Freedom Storage understands the importance of efficiently storing all your outdoor gear. From bikes to camping equipment, our storage units ensure everything stays organized and ready for action when warmer days roll around. We’re a one-stop solution for all your storage needs.

Looking to save money and space at the same time? Try keeping your outdoor equipment and vacation gear inside your RV so it’s ready for your next trip. Just remember that certain materials, like glass, leather, and wood, may become damaged in the cold.

Trust Freedom Storage for Peace of Mind

Preserving the life of your RV, camper, and outdoor gear is our priority. With Freedom Storage, confidently prepare your summer gear for winter, knowing it’ll be ready for more adventures come spring. 
For unmatched convenience, accessibility, and peace of mind all winter long, vehicle storage from Freedom Storage is the answer. Reach out or find a facility nearby to rent or reserve your storage space online today.

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