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03 Jun
A person holding several comforters in his arms.
How to Store Blankets and Comforters

As the temperature rises, many households prepare to swap out thick bedspreads and blankets for lightweight bed coverings. Blanket and comforter storage may not seem to require preparation.  After all, these items can’t be broken or easily damaged. But knowing how to store comforters and heavy blankets can help keep them in tip-top shape while...

30 May
A man and woman looking at their renovation project plans.
Our Essential Home Renovation Checklist

Ready to give your home a makeover? Whether you’re gutting the kitchen to give it a trendy new look or you just want to install some storage in your bathroom, home renovations can be exciting experiences for homeowners who are ready for a fresh start without finding a new address.  The only downside to renovating...

06 May
Woman opening up a moving box.
Summer Storage Ideas for Students

While any college student is excited for summer after endless finals and projects, there’s often a final hurdle to jump before relaxation begins: moving home for the summer.  Some students may have the option to stay on campus in between semesters, but for most students, it’s time to cram their car or moving van with...

04 May
Organized kitchen with shelving.
5 Storage Tips for Your Small Apartment Kitchen

Living in an apartment often leaves renters dealing with small kitchens with little storage space. If your apartment is short on storage in the kitchen, Freedom Storage Management can help! We’re here to share some of our favorite small apartment kitchen storage ideas, from organization to kitchen design to using a storage unit.  Explore some...

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