How To Store Your Gardening Supplies in Winter

A watering can, gardening tools, and plants sit on top of the dirt of a garden

As a chill begins to fill the air and winter arrives in full swing, there is no need to tend to your garden until spring rolls around. This also means it is time to put away your gardening tools to protect them from damage caused by cold, inconsistent temperatures. Whether you choose to store your items in a shed, garage, or storage unit, Freedom Storage Management can offer important tips and advice on storing your gardening supplies safely and efficiently.

Preparing Gardening Supplies for Storage

At Freedom Storage, we are here to help you learn how to properly store all your gardening supplies. From tools to seeds to fertilizer, gardens require lots of different equipment that can be damaged if not stored properly. Storage units provide the perfect solution for all your gardening supplies during the winter. However, before placing your items into a storage unit, take a look at the following steps you need to take to better protect your garden items.


If you own shovels, trowels, rakes, garden forks, or other gardening tools, you understand the importance of cleaning them after every use. However, if these tools are dirty prior to being put into storage, it is important to give them a thorough wash to prevent them from rusting or enduring other damage. Consider using a bristle brush to scrub off dirt and sandpaper to help get rid of any rust.

Next, you will want to check for splinters on the handles of your tools and sand them down with sandpaper. It would also be smart to sharpen anything that appears dull and replace handles if necessary. Lastly, apply an oil protectant to your tools to prevent them from rusting while in storage.

Fertilizer and Seeds

Along with tools, you also need to know how to store fertilizer. To make sure your fertilizer stays effective from season to season, it’s important to follow these storage tips for the winter. Keep your fertilizer in the bag you purchased it in or a liquid container and make sure it is properly sealed. This is especially important to keep any excess moisture out. Your fertilizer also needs to be stored in a dry, cool, shaded area for most of the season.

Along with keeping fertilizer stored properly for effective use in the spring, take care when storing extra seeds so you don’t have to buy new ones when it comes time to plant again. Your seeds need to be dried and kept in an airtight container to prevent moisture from leaking in. Much like fertilizer, seeds need to be kept in a dry, cool space that offers consistent temperatures.

If your garage or shed does not offer these conditions, rent climate-controlled storage from Freedom Storage Management. These units are kept at a consistent temperature all year long and can help your fertilizer and seeds stay dry during those snowy, cold months. 

Organizing Your Garden Supplies

Now that you have cleaned your tools, dried your seeds, and placed everything in the proper containers, it is time to organize your gardening supplies. First, you will want to make sure you have enough space in your storage unit for all your items. Take a look at the storage calculator to receive an accurate recommendation based on the items you need to store.

Next, it is time to figure out what you need to keep everything in and off the ground. Your seeds, fertilizer, and tools made of metal in particular should not be kept on the ground. Consider adding hooks and shelves to keep everything organized and off the floor of your storage unit. You will also want to label everything that is kept in a separate container such as seeds and fertilizer to make them easy to identify when you are ready to take it all out of storage. 

Follow these as well as the storage tips on our website for proper storage unit organization. 

Store Your Gardening Supplies in a Self Storage Unit From Freedom Storage!

When your garage or shed just isn’t what you need for your gardening supplies, Freedom Storage Management can give you the space you need. With climate-controlled storage and convenient locations, your tools, seeds, fertilizer, and more will be in good hands. Rent or reserve a storage unit from your local facility managed by Freedom Storage today!

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