How Do I Spring Clean My Office? 

A heap of messy file folders, sticky notes, and loose papers on a desk.

Spring is upon us, which means there’s a good chance you’re feeling the itch to clean, reorganize, and revitalize the spaces where you spend most of your time. We at Freedom Storage Management want to help you make the most of the moment and turn all this energy into something actionable. You’ll be happy you did.

Why You Should Prioritize An Office Spring Cleaning?

However, we understand if cleaning isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. It can be a chore, taking up valuable time and energy. Despite the inconvenience, we still recommend prioritizing it. The benefits extend to yourself and to any colleagues or employees who share your workspace.

Maintaining a clean working environment can positively impact productivity, creativity, employee well-being, and general happiness in your office daily. This alone makes all the effort worth it, but keeping clean also serves the additional benefit of staving off pests and rodents who might see a dirty office as an invitation to make a new home. A clean workplace is also healthy—the last thing anyone wants or needs is an infestation that makes people sick on the job.

Deep Cleaning and Organizing Tips To Breathe New Life Into Your Office

Now, let’s jump into the top tips on our spring cleaning checklist that will re-energize your office for a bountiful spring season.

An office drawer kept tidy with a desk organizer.

1. Decluttering the Workspace

Let’s get down to basics. We need to declutter, and for most people, the bedrock of any good decluttering strategy starts with desks and surfaces.

Is your desk strewed with papers, pens, scissors, paperweights, and other supplies? Start with the papers. Even if you don’t organize them by subject or purpose, ensure all your records and other documents are in one spot. Whether this is a filing cabinet, a binder, a collection of folders, or simply a designated drawer in your desk, anything is better than a chaotic sprawl.

Remember your cords. Wherever possible, bind cords together and hide them out of sight. Tangles of cords can create easily avoidable stress, so save yourself some grief by keeping them tidy. If you have excess furniture, appliances, or other large objects that take up space, you can always look into commercial storage to free up some room.

2. Deep Cleaning

Once you’ve fulfilled your decluttering strategy and have access to the nooks and crannies, it’s time to deep clean. If you haven’t moved your desk in a while, move it and run a vacuum to pick up the debris underneath. Spray down every surface with a cleaner or disinfectant and wipe them to a sheen.

While you’re at it, vacuum the corners, mop any tile spaces, scrub the bathroom toilets, and anything else that is generally neglected during your regular cleaning routine. Cobwebs, dusty window blinds, glass windows—get creative! Many other things in your space could benefit from a good deep cleaning.

3. Reorganizing and Optimizing

Since you’re already moving things around anyway, why not consider reorganization on a larger scale? For this stage of your spring cleaning checklist, move your desk closer to a window for improved morning sunlight or add vertical shelves to up the ante on your organizational options. Color code objects where necessary, especially if you consistently lose track of items.

4. Working as a Team

Mountains are easier to move together. If you have the benefit of working with a team, do what you can to enact a team-centric plan where everyone comes together to make your fixer-upper of an office better for everyone. You’ll be amazed at how much time you save when you aren’t doing the work alone.

Restore Calm and Order in Your Office With Freedom Storage Management

A tidy wooden desk with paper and pencils by a large window

It might be daunting at first, but the other side of office spring cleaning is delightfully reinvigorating. A big part of spring cleaning, reorganizing, and reordering your life is taking things in the way and putting them somewhere else. Unfortunately, despite your efforts, you can still feel claustrophobic if you don’t have that somewhere else.

That’s where additional storage solutions come in to solve your problem. If you need additional space for office supplies, spare desks, or even company vehicles, we’ve got you covered with various self storage options.
Contact us if you have questions, and get ready for the opportunity to help take your office to the next level.

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