Summer Storage Ideas for Students

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While any college student is excited for summer after endless finals and projects, there’s often a final hurdle to jump before relaxation begins: moving home for the summer. 

Some students may have the option to stay on campus in between semesters, but for most students, it’s time to cram their car or moving van with all their college furniture, clothing, and other belongings to head home.

If you’re dreading the prospect of packing and moving all your college belongings just to haul them back to campus in August, we have a solution for you: self storage! Discover why using a storage unit from Freedom Storage Management is one of the best student storage ideas you can use for your summer break.

Why should I use summer storage for college?

If you only live a few hours from your college or university, the pilgrimage from campus to your home may not be as bad. However, if your family lives in a different state, or even across the country, moving all your belongings each summer can be expensive. Additionally, summer is the most popular time to move, which can leave you struggling to find enough moving supplies and an affordable moving truck. 

When you keep your college furniture close to campus in a storage unit, it takes the pressure (and cost) off of you at the end of the semester. Just find a storage facility near you and your school, complete the rental process, and start storing your belongings today!

Can I use self storage if I live in a dorm? 

Living in a dormitory or residence hall has its perks; most of your furniture, for example, belongs to the university, which means you have fewer “big” items to move home. 

Your seasonal clothing, bedding, decorations, and school supplies, however, can leave you jam-packing your car. And if you go to school in Maryland but live with family in Texas, you may even have to donate belongings that won’t fit in a moving truck or luggage for your flight home.

Fortunately, climate-controlled storage from Freedom Storage Management provides a cool, stable environment for books, clothing, and other sensitive items over the summer. 

What storage unit size do I need for a dorm room?

Even if you only need a space for seasonal clothing, our 5’ x 5’ and 5’ x 10’ units provide the same amount of storage as a large walk-in closet. And just because you rented your storage unit for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t keep it during the school year. 

If you have more belongings than places to store them in your dorm room or suite, keep your storage unit for dorm storage during the school year. Dive into our unit size guide and find the one that fits your needs the best!

How do I pack boxes for college storage?

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We recommend you lay out all your belongings and divide them by importance. Your textbooks for next semester and summer clothing, for example, are must-have items for the trip home. Your winter coats and “Fight Club” poster, on the other hand, can probably stay in your storage unit. 

Once you’ve divided your belongings appropriately, we recommend using medium-sized boxes to pack your college belongings. Medium-sized boxes are ideal for packing clothing, books, and documents without becoming too heavy to carry.

Before you tape your college boxes shut, make sure to label each box with its general contents! You don’t want to forget what you packed when you come back at the end of summer. For extra credit, you can even write down an inventory list of everything you plan to store.

How do you move things out of a college dorm or apartment?

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Moving out of your college dorm or apartment doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. Many residence halls provide moving carts and packing supplies; you may even consider asking your resident assistant or community assistants to help you move your boxes!

If you live in an apartment or rental house, however, you may think about coaxing your friends to help through a few pizzas. Depending on when your finals end, you should think about packing and moving out a little earlier to beat the flood of other students moving out at the same time. 

Your Freedom Storage Management-owned facility may not be able to help you move out, but many of our storage facilities do offer drive-up accessible storage units and moving carts to make storing your belongings easier. 

Packing a Storage Unit for College Students

Not sure where to start with packing your storage unit for the summer? No problem! When you arrive at your storage unit, make sure to move your largest and heaviest items first. They’ll serve as the foundation for your stored belongings. Couches, desks, and other large boxes are perfect for loading first. 

Next, move in your medium-sized boxes, then your small boxes for knick-knacks or accessories, followed by posters, lamps, and other light decor items that don’t fit inside boxes. 

Discover Summer Storage for Students Today

Let Freedom Storage Management lighten your load this summer with affordable student storage units! From our affordable rates to our convenient storage features and diverse unit sizes, we’re here to help you create the space you need close to campus. Find a storage facility near you and start preparing for summer today!

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